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Responsible justice transforms lives, communities, and saves taxpayer money. That’s why we support Suzanne Hayden for District Court I judge.

She has 23 years of experience practicing law in Clallam County. Her work with our justice system has inspired her to transform District Court I into an efficient, cost-effective instrument of justice that will help move people out of the revolving door of repeated offenses and towards productive lives that benefit our community.

She promises to not hire judge pro tems (temporary substitute judges) to oversee your cases. Your cases are important to her, and unlike her predecessor, she pledges to eliminate the court’s $65,000 budget for stand-in judges. Currently, the $65,000 budget is the highest budget for substitute judges in any court in Clallam County. She also pledges to allocate the monitoring of the probation calendar back to the probation officers who are best equipped to manage it, which will reduce costs and save taxpayer money. Suzanne further pledges to work collaboratively with District Court II to reduce collective caseloads, streamline trial schedules, share personnel when possible, and otherwise save taxpayer funds.

District Court I’s current bloated budget and revolving-door administration of justice does not make our communities safer, nor does it show those caught in that revolving door a way to a crime-free productive life.

Please consider a donation to her campaign for District Court I judge so that we can transform our community through the administration of responsible justice. All work on Suzanne’s campaign is volunteer, but contributions are essential towards paying for mailers, postage, and campaign signs. We know every bit of support counts, from small to large contributions. Small contributions are $25 or less. If making a large contribution, please inform us of your occupation for reporting purposes.

Your donation to Suzanne Hayden’s campaign for District Court I judge will help ensure responsible justice in Clallam County. We appreciate your support!

Payments may be made online at, or by check made payable to “Suzanne Hayden for District Court Judge,” and mailed to:

Suzanne Hayden for District Court Judge

c/o Cliff Tassie

804 S. Oak

Port Angeles, WA 98362

On behalf of Suzanne Hayden we would like to thank you.


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